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In today's interconnected world, application programming interfaces (APIs) play a crucial role in helping developers create innovative and powerful software applications. APIs provide a way for different software systems to seamlessly communicate and exchange data. They allow developers to leverage existing functionality and services to enhance their applications, saving time and effort when building everything from scratch.

We provide a common list of over 1400 paid and free public APIs for developers. This comprehensive collection covers awide range of categories, including animals, books, cryptocurrencies, development, music, weather, and much more. Whether you're an experienced developer or just starting your coding journey, this list will serve as a valuable resource to enhance your applications with the power of APIs.

Category Lists

Category Count
Open Data 34
Shopping 14
Anime 19
Anti-Malware 15
Vehicle 6
Documentation and Productivity 28
Science and Mathematics 33
Blockchain 11
Cloud Storage and File Sharing 19
Environment 17
Geocoding 86
State 86
Currency 17
Email 17
Event 3
Finance 45
Photography 28
Development 120
Security 38
Weather forecast 31
Animals 27
Job Postings 17
Authentication and Authorization 7
Personality 23
Books 46
Cryptocurrency 64
Machine Learning 22
Text Analysis 15
Music 52
Games and Comics 96
Patent 4
Programming 5
Health 31
Art and Design 20
Social 40
Glossary 13
Sports and Fitness 33
Continuous Integration 6
Tracking 9
Calendar 16
Telephone 5
Test Data 25
Transportation 69
URL Shorteners 19
Data Validation 7
Video 43
Food & Beverage 24
Open Source Projects 9
Entertainment 10

The power of APIs in software development cannot be overstated. With our collective list of over 1,400 paid and free public APIs, developers now have a valuable resource to explore and integrate into their applications. Whether you need animal data, book information, cryptocurrency market data, development tools, music catalogues or weather forecasts, these APIs will help you enhance your applications with rich and diverse functionality.

Remember to review each API's documentation to understand their usage, authentication requirements, and any fee caps or usage restrictions. Also, remember that APIs are constantly evolving, so staying up to date with the latest versions and changes is essential.

Happy coding and may these APIs enable you to create amazing applications that delight users and solve real-world problems!

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