Currency - Free API Lists


A collection of public APIs listed in the Currency category for developers. There is a list of APIs that are paid & free or do not require authentication.

API Lists

API Authentication (Auth) HTTPS Cors
1Forge apiKey Yes Unknown
Amdoren apiKey Yes Unknown
Currencylayer apiKey Yes Unknown
CurrencyFreaks apiKey Yes Yes
CurrencyScoop apiKey Yes Yes
ExchangeRate-API apiKey Yes Yes apiKey Yes Yes
apilayer apiKey No Unknown
Bank of Russia None Yes Unknown
Czech National Bank None Yes Unknown
Economia.Awesome None Yes Unknown None Yes Unknown
Currency-api None Yes Yes
Frankfurter None Yes Yes
National Bank of Poland None Yes Yes None Yes Yes
FreeForexAPI None Yes No

Currency Free API List

Currency API List

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Unauthenticated Currency API

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