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A collection of public APIs listed in the Development category for developers. There is a list of APIs that are paid & free or do not require authentication.

API Lists

API Authentication (Auth) HTTPS Cors
ApiFlash apiKey Yes Unknown
Azure DevOps apiKey Yes Unknown
Blitapp apiKey Yes Unknown
GeekFlare apiKey Yes Unknown
GETPing apiKey Yes Unknown
Google Fonts apiKey Yes Unknown
Hunter apiKey Yes Unknown
IP2WHOIS Information Lookup apiKey Yes Unknown apiKey Yes Unknown apiKey Yes Unknown
Micro DB apiKey Yes Unknown
OneSignal apiKey Yes Unknown
Open Page Rank apiKey Yes Unknown
OpenGraphr apiKey Yes Unknown
Postman apiKey Yes Unknown
ProxyCrawl apiKey Yes Unknown
Pusher Beams apiKey Yes Unknown
ScrapeNinja apiKey Yes Unknown
ScraperApi apiKey Yes Unknown
scrapestack apiKey Yes Unknown
ScrapingAnt apiKey Yes Unknown
ScrapingDog apiKey Yes Unknown
Sheetsu apiKey Yes Unknown
ZenRows apiKey Yes Unknown
Abstract Screenshot apiKey Yes Yes
Base apiKey Yes Yes apiKey Yes Yes apiKey Yes Yes
Browshot apiKey Yes Yes
Contentful Images apiKey Yes Yes
Databricks apiKey Yes Yes
Docker Hub apiKey Yes Yes
Ghost apiKey Yes Yes
Glitterly apiKey Yes Yes
Google Firebase apiKey Yes Yes
Hasura apiKey Yes Yes apiKey Yes Yes
IBM Text to Speech apiKey Yes Yes apiKey Yes Yes apiKey Yes Yes
MAC address vendor lookup apiKey Yes Yes
PageCDN apiKey Yes Yes
ProxyKingdom apiKey Yes Yes
Random Stuff apiKey Yes Yes apiKey Yes Yes
scraperBox apiKey Yes Yes apiKey Yes Yes
serpstack apiKey Yes Yes
Supportivekoala apiKey Yes Yes
Tyk apiKey Yes Yes
WebScraping.AI apiKey Yes Yes
Rejax apiKey Yes No
Blynk-Cloud apiKey No Unknown
apilayer userstack OAuth Yes Unknown
Bitbucket OAuth Yes Unknown
Gitlab OAuth Yes Unknown
Gitter OAuth Yes Unknown
Google Docs OAuth Yes Unknown
Google Keep OAuth Yes Unknown
Google Sheets OAuth Yes Unknown
Google Slides OAuth Yes Unknown
Gorest OAuth Yes Unknown
Netlify OAuth Yes Unknown
SonarQube OAuth Yes Unknown
StackExchange OAuth Yes Unknown
GitHub OAuth Yes Yes
Heroku OAuth Yes Yes
OpenAPIHub X-Mashape-Key Yes Unknown
API Grátis None Yes Unknown None Yes Unknown
Bored None Yes Unknown
CDNJS None Yes Unknown None Yes Unknown
Codex None Yes Unknown
DigitalOcean Status None Yes Unknown
DomainDb Info None Yes Unknown
HTTP2.Pro None Yes Unknown
IFTTT None Yes Unknown
IPify None Yes Unknown
IPinfo None Yes Unknown
JSON 2 JSONP None Yes Unknown
MicroENV None Yes Unknown
MY IP None Yes Unknown
npm Registry None Yes Unknown
QR code None Yes Unknown
Qrcode Monkey None Yes Unknown
ReqRes None Yes Unknown
Wandbox None Yes Unknown
24 Pull Requests None Yes Yes None Yes Yes
ApicAgent None Yes Yes
Beeceptor None Yes Yes
Cloudflare Trace None Yes Yes
CORS Proxy None Yes Yes
CountAPI None Yes Yes
ExtendsClass JSON Storage None Yes Yes None Yes Yes
Httpbin None Yes Yes
Httpbin Cloudflare None Yes Yes
Icanhazepoch None Yes Yes
Icanhazip None Yes Yes
Image-Charts None Yes Yes None Yes Yes
jsDelivr None Yes Yes
Kroki None Yes Yes
Lua Decompiler None Yes Yes
Mocky None Yes Yes None Yes Yes
NetworkCalc None Yes Yes
oyyi None Yes Yes
QR code None Yes Yes
QuickChart None Yes Yes
RSS feed to JSON None Yes Yes
Sonar None Yes Yes
Statically None Yes Yes
Ciprand None Yes No None Yes No
License-API None Yes No
Serialif Color None Yes No
SHOUTCLOUD None No Unknown

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Development API List

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