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A collection of public APIs listed in the Games and Comics category for developers. There is a list of APIs that are paid & free or do not require authentication.

API Lists

API Authentication (Auth) HTTPS Cors
Brawl Stars apiKey Yes Unknown
Clash of Clans apiKey Yes Unknown
Clash Royale apiKey Yes Unknown
Destiny The Game apiKey Yes Unknown
Dota 2 apiKey Yes Unknown
Fortnite apiKey Yes Unknown
Giant Bomb apiKey Yes Unknown
Guild Wars 2 apiKey Yes Unknown
Halo apiKey Yes Unknown
Humble Bundle apiKey Yes Unknown
Humor apiKey Yes Unknown
Hypixel apiKey Yes Unknown apiKey Yes Unknown
Marvel apiKey Yes Unknown apiKey Yes Unknown
Mojang apiKey Yes Unknown
PandaScore apiKey Yes Unknown apiKey Yes Unknown
Riot Games apiKey Yes Unknown
SuperHeroes apiKey Yes Unknown
Jokes One apiKey Yes Yes
PUBG apiKey Yes Yes apiKey Yes Yes
Steam apiKey Yes No apiKey Yes No
Eve Online OAuth Yes Unknown
Lichess OAuth Yes Unknown
Mario Kart Tour OAuth Yes Unknown
Path of Exile OAuth Yes Unknown OAuth Yes Yes
SpaceTradersAPI OAuth Yes Yes
Hearthstone X-Mashape-Key Yes Unknown
Tebex X-Mashape-Key Yes No
Animal Crossing: New Horizons None Yes Unknown None Yes Unknown
Comic Vine None Yes Unknown
Digimon Information None Yes Unknown
Digimon TCG None Yes Unknown
FIFA Ultimate Team None Yes Unknown
Forza None Yes Unknown
GDBrowser None Yes Unknown
GW2Spidy None Yes Unknown
Hyrule Compendium None Yes Unknown
Hytale None Yes Unknown
Open Trivia None Yes Unknown
PlayerDB None Yes Unknown
Pokéapi None Yes Unknown
Pokémon TCG None Yes Unknown
Raider None Yes Unknown
Sakura CardCaptor None Yes Unknown
TETR.IO None Yes Unknown
Tronald Dump None Yes Unknown
Valorant (non-official) None Yes Unknown
When is next MCU film None Yes Unknown
Yu-Gi-Oh! None Yes Unknown
AmiiboAPI None Yes Yes
Autochess VNG None Yes Yes
Barter.VG None Yes Yes
Bugsnax None Yes Yes
CheapShark None Yes Yes
Crafatar None Yes Yes
Cross Universe None Yes Yes
Disney None Yes Yes
Dungeons and Dragons (Alternate) None Yes Yes
FFXIV Collect None Yes Yes
Final Fantasy XIV None Yes Yes
FreeToGame None Yes Yes
Fun Facts None Yes Yes
FunTranslations None Yes Yes
GamerPower None Yes Yes
Geek-Jokes None Yes Yes
Genshin Impact None Yes Yes
GraphQL Pokemon None Yes Yes
JokeAPI None Yes Yes
Monster Hunter World None Yes Yes
PokéAPI (GraphQL) None Yes Yes
Psychonauts None Yes Yes
Puyo Nexus None Yes Yes
Rick and Morty None Yes Yes
RPS 101 None Yes Yes
Scryfall None Yes Yes
TCGdex None Yes Yes
Universalis None Yes Yes
Age of Empires II None Yes No
Board Game Geek None Yes No
Minecraft Server Status None Yes No
MMO Games None Yes No
RuneScape None Yes No
Steam None Yes No
Warface (non-official) None Yes No
xkcd None Yes No
Chuck Norris Database None No Unknown
Deck of Cards None No Unknown
Jservice None No Unknown
Magic The Gathering None No Unknown
Dungeons and Dragons None No No

Games and Comics Free API List

Games and Comics API List

Games and Comics API Information

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