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A collection of public APIs listed in the Geocoding category for developers. There is a list of APIs that are paid & free or do not require authentication.

API Lists

API Authentication (Auth) HTTPS Cors
Actinia Grass GIS apiKey Yes Unknown
apilayer ipstack apiKey Yes Unknown
BigDataCloud apiKey Yes Unknown
Bing Maps apiKey Yes Unknown apiKey Yes Unknown
GeoDataSource apiKey Yes Unknown
GeoDB Cities apiKey Yes Unknown
Google Earth Engine apiKey Yes Unknown
Google Maps apiKey Yes Unknown
HERE Maps apiKey Yes Unknown
Hirak IP to Country apiKey Yes Unknown
IP2Location apiKey Yes Unknown
IP2Proxy apiKey Yes Unknown
IPInfoDB apiKey Yes Unknown apiKey Yes Unknown
Kakao Maps apiKey Yes Unknown
keycdn IP Location Finder apiKey Yes Unknown
Mapbox apiKey Yes Unknown
One Map, Singapore apiKey Yes Unknown apiKey Yes Unknown
positionstack apiKey Yes Unknown
SpotSense apiKey Yes Unknown
Uebermaps apiKey Yes Unknown
Utah AGRC apiKey Yes Unknown
What3Words apiKey Yes Unknown
Yandex.Maps Geocoder apiKey Yes Unknown
ZipCodeAPI apiKey Yes Unknown
Abstract IP Geolocation apiKey Yes Yes
Apiip apiKey Yes Yes
CountryStateCity apiKey Yes Yes
Geoapify apiKey Yes Yes apiKey Yes Yes
ipgeolocation apiKey Yes Yes
LocationIQ apiKey Yes Yes
Longdo Map apiKey Yes Yes
OpenCage apiKey Yes Yes
Telize apiKey Yes Yes
TomTom apiKey Yes Yes
US ZipCode apiKey Yes Yes
MapQuest apiKey Yes No
RoadGoat Cities apiKey Yes No
Battuta apiKey No Unknown
OpenStreetMap OAuth No Unknown None Yes Unknown
Airtel IP None Yes Unknown None Yes Unknown
CitySDK None Yes Unknown
GeoApi None Yes Unknown None Yes Unknown None Yes Unknown
Graph Countries None Yes Unknown
HelloSalut None Yes Unknown
Hong Kong GeoData Store None Yes Unknown
IBGE None Yes Unknown
IP 2 Country None Yes Unknown
IP Address Details None Yes Unknown
IP Vigilante None Yes Unknown
IPGEO None Yes Unknown
Mexico None Yes Unknown
OnWater None Yes Unknown
Queimadas INPE None Yes Unknown
Rwanda Locations None Yes Unknown
ViaCep None Yes Unknown
Ziptastic None Yes Unknown
administrative-divisons-db None Yes Yes
bng2latlong None Yes Yes
Country None Yes Yes
FreeGeoIP None Yes Yes
GeographQL None Yes Yes
GeoJS None Yes Yes
Geokeo None Yes Yes
geoPlugin None Yes Yes None Yes Yes
Nominatim None Yes Yes
Pinball Map None Yes Yes
Postali None Yes Yes None Yes Yes
REST Countries None Yes Yes
SLF None Yes Yes
Ducks Unlimited None Yes No
Open Topo Data None Yes No None No Unknown
GeoNames None No Unknown
ip-api None No Unknown None No Unknown None No Unknown

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Geocoding API List

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