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Science and Mathematics

A collection of public APIs listed in the Science and Mathematics category for developers. There is a list of APIs that are paid & free or do not require authentication.

API Lists

API Authentication (Auth) HTTPS Cors
CORE apiKey Yes Unknown
Materials Platform for Data Science apiKey Yes No
Numbers apiKey Yes No
NASA ADS OAuth Yes Yes None Yes Unknown
arXiv None Yes Unknown
ITIS None Yes Unknown
iDigBio None Yes Unknown None Yes Unknown
isEven (humor) None Yes Unknown
Noctua None Yes Unknown
Ocean Facts None Yes Unknown
Open Science Framework None Yes Unknown
Purple Air None Yes Unknown
SpaceX None Yes Unknown
GBIF None Yes Yes
Launch Library 2 None Yes Yes
Remote Calc None Yes Yes
xMath None Yes Yes
ISRO None Yes No
NASA None Yes No
Newton None Yes No
SHARE None Yes No
SpaceX None Yes No
Sunrise and Sunset None Yes No
Times Adder None Yes No
TLE None Yes No
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program None Yes No
USGS Water Services None Yes No
World Bank None Yes No
Minor Planet Center None No Unknown
Numbers None No No
Open Notify None No No

Science and Mathematics Free API List

Science and Mathematics API List

Science and Mathematics API Information

Unauthenticated Science and Mathematics API

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