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Sports and Fitness

A collection of public APIs listed in the Sports and Fitness category for developers. There is a list of APIs that are paid & free or do not require authentication.

API Lists

API Authentication (Auth) HTTPS Cors
ApiMedic apiKey Yes Unknown apiKey Yes Unknown
JCDecaux Bike apiKey Yes Unknown
NBA Data apiKey Yes Unknown
Premier League Standings apiKey Yes Unknown
Sport Data apiKey Yes Unknown
Sportmonks Cricket apiKey Yes Unknown
Sportmonks Football apiKey Yes Unknown
Wger apiKey Yes Unknown
Cloudbet apiKey Yes Yes
Sport Vision apiKey Yes Yes
TheSportsDB apiKey Yes Yes
Canadian Football League (CFL) apiKey Yes No
Fitbit OAuth Yes Unknown
Strava OAuth Yes Unknown
Tredict OAuth Yes Unknown
Football X-Mashape-Key Yes Unknown
Football-Data X-Mashape-Key Yes Unknown
City Bikes None Yes Unknown
Ergast F1 None Yes Unknown
NBA Stats None Yes Unknown
NHL Records and Stats None Yes Unknown
balldontlie None Yes Yes
Football (Soccer) Videos None Yes Yes
Football Standings None Yes Yes
Oddsmagnet None Yes Yes
OpenLigaDB None Yes Yes
Sport List & Data None Yes Yes
Squiggle None Yes Yes
Sport Places None Yes No
MLB Records and Stats None No Unknown
SuredBits None No No

Sports and Fitness Free API List

Sports and Fitness API List

Sports and Fitness API Information

Unauthenticated Sports and Fitness API

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