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A collection of public APIs listed in the Video category for developers. There is a list of APIs that are paid & free or do not require authentication.

API Lists

API Authentication (Auth) HTTPS Cors
IMDb-API apiKey Yes Unknown
Open Movie Database apiKey Yes Unknown
Simkl apiKey Yes Unknown
The Lord of the Rings apiKey Yes Unknown
TMDb apiKey Yes Unknown
TVDB apiKey Yes Unknown
Watchmode apiKey Yes Unknown
The Vampire Diaries apiKey Yes Yes
Trakt apiKey Yes Yes
uNoGS apiKey Yes Yes
JSON2Video apiKey Yes No
TrailerAddict apiKey No Unknown
Dailymotion OAuth Yes Unknown
Vimeo OAuth Yes Unknown
YouTube OAuth Yes Unknown
An API of Ice And Fire None Yes Unknown
Breaking Bad None Yes Unknown
Breaking Bad Quotes None Yes Unknown
Catalogopolis None Yes Unknown
Catch The Show None Yes Unknown
Game of Thrones Quotes None Yes Unknown
Harry Potter Charactes None Yes Unknown
Lucifer Quotes None Yes Unknown
Motivational Quotes None Yes Unknown
Ron Swanson Quotes None Yes Unknown
Stranger Things Quotes None Yes Unknown
Stromberg Quotes None Yes Unknown
SWAPI GraphQL None Yes Unknown
ThronesApi None Yes Unknown
Bob's Burgers None Yes Yes
Dune None Yes Yes
Final Space None Yes Yes
IMDbOT None Yes Yes
MCU Countdown None Yes Yes
Movie Quote None Yes Yes
Owen Wilson Wow None Yes Yes
SWAPI None Yes Yes
SWAPI None Yes Yes
Web Series Quotes Generator None Yes Yes
Stream None Yes No
Czech Television None No Unknown
TVMaze None No Unknown
STAPI None No No

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Video API List

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